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“As an alternate take on a male-driven genre, Matt Knudsen’s period Western features a female protagonist and plenty of talented women behind the scenes…”
-Justin Lowe, The Hollywood Reporter

“As the center of attention. [Abby] Eiland’s “Joe” makes for an unpredictable firecracker…”
-Justin Lowe, The Hollywood Reporter

“Knudsen and his team excel [in] re-creating period details, with cinematographer Julia Swain washing the film’s dusty vistas in glowing golden light that emphasizes Lauren Ivy’s immersive production design and Brianna Quick’s realistic costumes.”
-Justin Lowe, The Hollywood Reporter

“Infinitely better than most recent westerns I've seen. CASSIDY RED is great little romance/western/revenge drama… with bittersweet edge that is going to thrill both western and non western fans alike.”
–Steve Kopian, Unseen Films

“…beautifully shot, wonderfully acted and has a couple of wicked action scenes that keep things interesting.”
–Steve Kopian, Unseen Films

“…CASSIDY RED is a stunning film.”
–Steve Kopian, Unseen Films

“…careful character layering that also infuses equal amounts of passion, romance, heart and grit and you’ve got one dynamic and long lingering female performance that demands to be seen and praised.”
–Jason Coleman, Why So Blu?

“A damn fine film that’s enhanced by an even more magnificent piece of work by [Abby] Eiland as the lead dangerous dame…”
–Jason Coleman, Why So Blu?

"[Abby] Eiland is a strong presence, taking the reigns of sorts with plenty of female sensuality and loads of empowerment."
-David Duprey, That Moment In

“Andrew Carroll has skillfully composed and orchestrated 80 minutes of original music for the film, and he did not miss a single note.”

"...Cassidy Red, from director Matt Knudsen, was a fresh take on a classic western, depicting vengeance sought in a town at the edge of the Arizona Territory. Beautifully shot and packed with visceral heat, this is a great take on a genre that is too often left in the dust."
-Diversions LA


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